About Us

The Catholic Climate Project is an intergenerational initiative by organizations and individuals across the U.S. Catholic community unified by the call to care for our common home and act on climate change in spirit, word and deed.

We seek to transform hearts and minds to elevate a unified call across the Church and the nation, to commit to and manifest the ambitious climate solutions we all need to care for our common home and future.

Our leadership team includes:

  • Jose Aguto, Catholic Climate Covenant (Co-Chair, Catholic Climate Project)
  • Paz Artaza-Regan, Catholic Climate Covenant
  • Marianne Comfort, Sisters of Mercy
  • Brenna Davis, Ignatian Solidarity Network
  • Lauren DeSmit, Bon Secours (Co-Chair, Catholic Climate Project)
  • Luke Henkel, Laudato Si’ Generation
  • Kayla Jacobs, Diocese of Joliet
  • Aaron Salzman, Laudato Si’ Generation, Catholic Divestment Network
  • Claire Sanfilippo, Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of Washington
  • Michael Terrien, Catholic Association of Diocesan Ecumenical and Interreligious Officers
  • Anna Wagner, Global Catholic Climate Movement

As a new initiative, we wish to learn from and partner with you on how we together can improve and grow.  Are you interested in participating and sharing as an individual or institution?  If so, please fill out the form on this page, or contact us at info@catholicclimateproject.org.

Our Approach

Grounded in our Catholic faith - well expressed in St. Francis’ Peace Prayer – we seek to be instruments of humility, love, light, peace and reconciliation. These principles are essential to dissipating the rancor and partisanship paralyzing our nation, and to the realization of ambitious climate solutions our civilization and planet dearly need. Through this faith-based and unified call in spirit, word and deed, we seek to change our hearts and minds, and that of all of our neighbors, towards the love and care of each other, our common home and our shared future, for the greater glory of God.  

Our Work

We are reaching out to and collaborating with U.S. Catholic dioceses, parishes, schools, universities, religious orders, and other institutions to provide and support an array of activities that may be suitable for each institution’s circumstances, and to lift up those already in motion. 

Activities include:  

  • services and programs centered in prayer, liturgy, bridge-building and spiritual resilience;
  • events, service projects, demonstrations, classroom instruction; and
  • advocacy and dialogue with church and political leaders on the need to care for creation and our vulnerable neighbors, and address climate change

Further details on the activities, resources, and how to guides are on this website.

Modest funding will be offered to support some of the worthy projects.  Guidelines and an application form for grant proposals is available here.

We will lift up and unify all relevant efforts in 2020 through the Catholic Climate Project website, social media, logo, and other modes of communication.  We ask for your help by sharing with us efforts in which you are a part so we can lift up your initiatives and possibly collaborate with you. Do you have something to share?  If so, please e-mail us at info@catholicclimateproject.org.